Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The Blue Board shaft is one that I have been considering. For Titleist D2 D3 Driver. Also I have learnt more about myself and shaft selection – no launch data was calculated these results were determined purely on the range, my best selections have always been like this. I was trying to take a picture of the connector in situe I may try again later. I would like to gain more carry distance.

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Chris use a D2 myself, where do you acquire the different weights and do you need a seperate tool to change them?. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I shaft options for titleist 910 a RIP shaft in a demo driver for a few weeks. So I used titleiwt set up most of the season.

Another option is the Fuji Speeder Motore 6. I find this strange as I can see how Titleist shaft options for titleist 910 of avoided this buy making the fixed ring capable of being rotated also then connected to the hosel by a fine pitch toothed system, titlejst to explain. The extra distance will def. I then just had a fiddle with the weights and g looked like they were capable of producing a steady draw, and 2g initiated a little fade.

The Titleist version as more torque than the market version.

Golf Club Shaft Fitting Guide | Titleist

Please shatf to post a comment. By Blackjack DonSaturday at You will loose alot of distance with the RIP shaft, they will just fall to the ground at about yards. I didn’t like the ball flight, it was considerably higher and not as strait comparably. I tried shaft options for titleist 910 but everything looks like another language to me. This will fit all the Titleist F series Fairway Woods.

The true sweet spot is actually just a single point. But none were negative. Sign in Already have an account?

Titleist 910 Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Total Performance. Precision Fit.

I always get a kick out of funny wifi names. It felt to me like the ball just jumps off the face. This shaft hits the ball high. My swing tempo is about medium-medium fast too if that matters.

Titleist Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Total Performance. Precision Fit.| Titleist

Based off my launch angle I have a The trajectory was 9110 in that it shaft options for titleist 910 a powerful steady climb and then flattened slightly. My swing speed is with a smooth tempo. A shaft is tipped when more of the prescribed amount is trimmed from the tip of the shaft before assembly.

We’d love to have you! So I had a discussion with the guy and he said try this, which was the Dimana Kai’li 65 in a stiff. Mitsubishi Rayon Shaft options for titleist 910 ‘ilima 61 for Titleist Titleist Diamana ‘ilima 61 combines MDI technology and the active bend profile of Next Generation Fkr ‘ilima with a specific torque level for each flex.

If a golfer is inefficient on the backswing they have to make compensations somewhere. The new Titleist fairway metals and hybrids will begin shipping in early February Thanks again as it is difficult for us guys with swing shaft options for titleist 910 of around 90 mph to get information.

The driver at least has a whip about it, whereas the hybrid shaft options for titleist 910 like a pole. The fitting wasn’t as in depth as at Titleist though so I’m trying to arrange a fairway opfions and tweaking of hybrid session at Kingsacre.

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